About Independent Securing Services

With over 30 years in the field services industry, Independent Securing Services is positioned to bring you the quickest, most accurate and most cost effective field services in the mortgage servicing industry .

Independent Securing Services  is a leading mortgage field services provider for the state of Florida. Located in Miami,Florida, and founded in 1985 by Rodney Walters, Independent Securing Services  has been delivering quality mortgage field services for over 30 years.

In the early 1970s, Mr.Walters began working alongside his father  who operated his own field service company named Mortgage Related Services. His father, Clyde A.Walters, was one of the original 8 members that founded the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS).

It was this intimate knowledge and family linage in the mortgage field services industry that helped Mr. Walters, a second generation tradesman, shape Independent Securing Services.

As a result, Independent Securing Services has consistently delivered a standard of high quality services for the mortgage field services industry that its clients have come to expect and rely on year-after-year.

To this day, Independent Securing Services continues to be a leader in the industry by utilizing the most innovative technologies and experienced workforce to deliver industry best practices and the highest quality control procedures.

This helps Independent Securing Services clients maximize asset preservation and reduce costs by streamlining operations while building long term relationships based on trust and integrity.

Independent Securing Services is a member of the National  Association of  Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS)  Moreover, Mr. Walters is a lifetime board member (EMERITUS)  for his invaluable contributions and  tireless  efforts in the development of the mortgage field services industry.

Why Us?


We use the latest technology to deliver solutions that save time, eliminate errors and increase efficiency
field reps use computerized tablets, and send inspection reports in real time, via cell phone, all inspections are processed using our proprietary inspections software


We can efficiently adapt to your needs and volumes and provide a customized solution for your particular  field servicing needs
we work with clients of all sizes, whether 10 pieces or 1 million pieces, you will still receive the same high quality service


We maintain some of the industries largest and most experienced network of representatives and contractors
this helps us bring you the most competitively priced services in the shortest turnaround time possible